Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tree Hugging

I have a friend who is very accomplished, beautiful dancer, originally from West Africa.  She spent many of her formidable years in France and this worldly upbringing coupled with her free-spirited nature makes her a gem of a person.  
She told me once that her young niece was having some difficulties dealing with some of the typical frustrations that every 3 year old deals with.  My friend told her niece to go outside and find a tree in her backyard.  This had to be a special tree.  She needed to be very discriminating in the chosing of the special tree.  So, after some time, her niece found a tree which she felt some sort of connection to. 
My friend then told her that whenever she is feeling frustrated, or angry, or sad, or anything...she could go to this tree and tell it how she feels.  Now this may seem a little silly to you - but lo and behold if one day my friend looked out the window and saw her little niece hugging the tree.

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