Thursday, July 15, 2010


One of my favorite authors is Thich Naht Hahn - an exiled Vietnamese Buddhist monk, Zen master, and peace leader whose teachings have touched millions of lives worldwide.  Read this excerpt from "Peace is Every Step" - it can teach us as parents so much... 

Breathing Room
"I recommend that we set up a small room in our homes and call it a "breathing room," where we can be alone and practice just breathing and smiling.  You may want to have a small bell, a few cushions, and perhaps a vase of flowers.  Every time you feel upset, go to that room, open the door slowly, sit down, invite the bell to sound, and begin to breathe.  I believe that every home should have one room for breathing.  Simple practices like conscious breathing and smiling are very important.  They can change our civilization."

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