Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thoughts On Our New School...

I have been noticing the parents at my son's new school as we are in line at drop-off in the mornings and pick-up in the afternoons.  I don't know many of them yet - this is a new school for us.  "Big Kid School," as my son calls it.  But yesterday, I noticed the Indian mother bringing in home-cooked food for her son's class.  I noticed my son's teacher who came to greet him at the car, wearing a peace emblem on her shirt.  I have noticed the different races of the students at the school, playing on the playground together, and not in cliques.  I noticed the pickup truck in front of me with a antique bureau in the back.  The truck had a bumper-sticker that was pro-environment, and the dad, dressed in flip flops, looked like a surfer.  In a community which boosted many Yes on Prop 8 bumper stickers last year, I am seeing more Coexist bumper stickers now.  Over the summer, many of the parents volunteered to improve the playground and garden.  They gave up many of their vacation days to help the school! And we just finished the first school fundraiser - selling biodegradable SKOY cloths, instead of junky candy and tacky gift wrap.

I am so glad that my son is in a school which embraces all children, of all backgrounds.  I am so glad that the parents are globally minded, respect the environment, and understand that a we should teach our children these things.  I love that the parents are involved in their children's education.  I am so glad he has teachers that read books to the class like "Three Cups of Tea." 

I think all of these things play into an environment that is loving, safe, and supportive.  I think these children will be more open-minded than generations past.  I think schools like this are helping to create a better society for the future.

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