Saturday, November 20, 2010

Senate Bill 510

Senate Bill S 510, the "Food Modernization Act" is about to go to the Senate floor.  It would give the FDA complete control over the food you grow IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD, as well as on small farms.  Saving seeds, growing organic foods, and selling organic produce at farmer's markets could become ILLEGAL. 

The procedural vote has already PASSED 74-25. So what seems like a ridiculous act, could become law very soon.  I mean, who would have thought that soybeans could be patented, and now look at MONSANTO.

Supporters of the bill are of course major food industry leaders, opponents are small farmers and organic food producers.  Please learn more about this bill at:

To learn more about how so many of our government leaders are in bed, so to speak, with the huge food corporations, please watch Food, Inc.

Please call your senators' offices to oppose this bill.  FYI Californians, Boxer and Feinstein SUPPORT this bill.

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  1. Completely disheartening isn't it?! It leaves me wondering about a lot as a person who thrives off organically grown foods and enjoys growing them!!