Tuesday, May 11, 2010

OOHHHMMMM - Meditating with Your Child

No one is too young to meditate.  A couple years back, my son was having problems with constipation.  We tried everything...the traditional Western medicine approach - and when that didn't work out so well, we looked into ayurveda.  Then we added chiropractic care, then yoga, and meditation.  I couldn't help but smile one day when my son was sitting on the potty, in lotus position, trying desperately to "go potty" while singing the meditation song he learned in his yoga class.  
Meditating with your child can have the most profound affect on both of you.  You are both able to put things aside and simply focus on the present.  You are both able to calm your breath and calm your mind.  Here is a wonderful meditation practice you can do with your little one:

Sit facing your child.  If possible, sit in lotus (cross both legs) or half lotus position (cross one leg onto the other) on the floor.  If this is not possible, you can both sit in chairs facing each other.  Place your hands on the tops of your thighs, and have your child do the same.  Let your palms face the sky, "open to the world...open to the universe."  Calm your eyes, and gently close them.  Your child can do the same.  

Lead him through some nice relaxing breaths.  Breath in through your nose, and out through your mouth.  Do several of these breaths together.  Then, as your child continues this breathing pattern, you can say "as we breathe in, we breathe in oxygen from the trees...as we breathe out, we nourish the plants" or "as we breathe in, we breathe in peace...as we breathe out, we let go of our problems."  Get creative, you can adapt these little mantras to your child and the things he is going through.  

After you have spent a little time on these guided breaths, just breath together in harmony.  Slowly open your eyes, and hug your child.  This is a wonderful bedtime ritual.  You could even follow it with a gentle massage using lavender lotion.  He should sleep like a baby!  (even if he is not a such a little baby anymore!)


  1. The PhD cohort at my school, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, is currently doing a pediatrics rotation and is in need of patients. For the same price as a regular visit with an intern, you can get a whole team of practitioners who are already licensed LAc's, overseen by an MD, spend 4 hours working to optimize his health. I'm taking Nero next week!

  2. What a cool thing! Good to know....! I would love to hear more about his visit.