Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thankful Mornings

My son and I have established a new tradition in our morning routine.  The routine that includes me trying for 15 minutes to get him out of bed (poking, prodding, tickling, turning the lights on, turning the fan on, pulling the covers off), eating breakfast, going "poop," taking a shower, getting dressed, and finally getting out the door - YES, we have added a new element to our routine! When we finally get in the car, buckle our seat belts, and head down the road to school - we talk.  We talk about the things we are thankful for.  Today it was "Legos and mommy " for him and "springtime and Jack" for me.  It changes every morning.  It may be that he is thankful for his pets, or his artwork, or the sun, or peanut butter - but this newly established tradition puts a smile on his face and mine.

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