Sunday, May 30, 2010

Great find - SWEEP DREAMS Broom

Yesterday, I popped into one of my favorite stores in Escondido, CA, REVERIE, and purchased a SWEEP DREAMS Broom for my son.  It is handcrafted out of 100% renewable sorghum and bamboo from Thailand.  It is dyed with non-toxic colors, and assembled by workers under fair labor conditions and compensation.  The one I bought for my son is kid sized, but I think I may go back and get one for me that is full sized.  They are beautiful.  I needed to buy a new broom anyway, and this one sure beats anything I would have bought at the nearby big box store.  

Check out their website, they have lots of cool stuff.  (We have one of their mats, too!  And LOVE IT!)

And here is Reverie's site:

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