Sunday, June 6, 2010


Cracking coconuts
Making hermit crab houses
Digging for earthworms
Collecting roly-polies
Eating watermelon
Burying your feet in the sand
Letting a dip in the ocean suffice for a bath
Taking a mid-afternoon nap in your swimsuit
Having no agenda
Putting boring stuff off 'til tomorrow
Giving the dogs a bath, for them to roll in the mud one hour later
Staying outside past dark
Smelling of campfires and roasted marshmallows
Building forts

What is your summer?


  1. What alovely list of summer favorites. I'd have to think about it, but my guess is my list would be pretty close to yours.


  2. I mean trips to Disneyland are loads of fun, but it is the simple things that I truly treasure. Those are the "snapshots" that stick in my head.