Friday, June 18, 2010


So, I don't have a "conventional" career.  But, these days, what is "conventional?"  I am a working actor, director, and teacher.  It can be a crazy life, in some ways...auditions popping up at the last minute, late nights at the theatre...but it's my life.  And, I am so glad to be able to share what I do with my little boy.
Several years ago, while performing in the musical, "Wicked," my son would hang out backstage with me in the dressing room.  He loved meeting all my wacky theatre pals.  Seeing the costumes and sets backstage was really "cool!"  He loved knowing how all the "tricks" worked in the show, like how the broom flies, or how the lift, that makes the witch fly, works.  He even was able to "help" the scarecrow put on his scarecrow makeup.
My husband also has a wonderful profession.  He is a music director for a high school, as well as a percussionist.  One of my boy's favorite things to do is to go to school with daddy, after hours (when he has to get some extra work done).  He has the band room to himself and can bang on the timpani, the marimbas, the snares, and more!  
Being that hubby and I are both in the arts, we have had some press in the local newspapers, for various events and projects we work on.  Now, my son thinks that is the coolest thing ever.  He thinks his mommy and daddy are "famous" - because he says"if you are in the paper, you are famous!"  So, what a treat for him the other day when an article came out in the local paper about a show I am currently working on, and the reporter mentioned my son at the top of the article.  His face lit up, because now he is "famous!"  His teacher even put the article on the bulletin board at school not because of me, but because of him.  
Now, I could care less about this whole "famous" thing, although I do think it is very cute.  But what does touch my heart is that even though I have to go out there and earn my money - which means I sometimes have to be away from my boy while at rehearsals or performances, I can share this thing I do with him.  And, he feels important and loved.

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