Thursday, April 15, 2010

10 more things I love about Jack

OK... I said, in my last blog, 30 things I love about Jack, and only wrote 20!  Boy, my math skills are a little rusty.  So here are the remaining 10 things I love about Jack: (by the way, he is helping me write these - my son...the future blogger...)
21.  Jack loves that I draw such cute drawings.  And I like the he draws such cute drawings, as well.
22.  I love that Jack plays so nicely with his friends at school.
23.  I love when he goes to sleep, cuddled up next to the cat.
24.  I love when he gives me "zerberts" (aka "raspberries!)
25.  I love when he gives me hugs and kisses.
26.  I love that he tells his teachers that they are the best teachers ever!
27.  I love that Jack "composes" his own music.  He will plunk some keys on the piano and sing into the mic, and his daddy will mix it down into a cool song.  The best one ever was the song they made for me last year on Mother's Day.
28.  I love that he is so into reading right now - whether it is a book or a street sign - he never stops reading.
29.  I love the way he writes phonetically.  It may take a minute to decipher, but it really makes such sense, when you think about it.
30.  I love that he is sitting with me at my desk right now, with his arm around my neck and his head on my shoulders.  Doesn't get better than this.
More to come... as the list is really never ending...

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