Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reading - "The Old School Way"

I remember when I was a kid, I used to ride my bike down Main Street to the public library - an old stone building with huge steps that led up to huge carved wood doors.  When I entered, the place smelled of musty pages and book bindings - but I loved it!  (Somehow I also remember that the late fee was only 2 cents a day - that was only in the late 1970s!)

But, as big box book stores have popped up, it seems that our kids don't have that same experience that I used to cherish.  We go to these massive stores, and easily lay down $50 for a few books and stop by and get a latte on the way out.  We may be teaching our kids about the importance of reading, but we are also drilling into them that you have to pay to read - consumerism at its best!

So, how about a trip down to the local library?  I admit I have fallen in and out of this habit - more "out" lately.  But, it is time for me to get back on the library-wagon.  A visit to the library every week or two is an adventure kids can always look forward to.  "What will we learn about this week?"  is a phrase my son asks when we venture through the bookshelves.  And libraries have an endless source of things to learn from!  So, I am dusting off my library card and putting it back in service this week!  (even though I am sure I have a late fee - and it's probably not 2 cents.)

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  1. Ah ha!! Totally agree, and we were just headed to the library this afternoon too!!