Monday, April 26, 2010

Practical Life At Home

How many times do our kids yell, "Mom, I need some milk! Mom, I spilled my cereal! Mom, I need my favorite shirt! Mom, Mom, MOM, MOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!" As we mutter, "What am I? Your servant?" under our breath - we acquiesce - we get the milk, we clean up the cereal, we search for the shirt. But, we are just setting ourselves up for the next tirade from our little prince or princess. 

As moms, we often take on a larger load than we need to. Our kids (even the wee-little ones) are perfectly capable of helping around the house.  In fact, if you teach them how to properly do a task, such as sweeping or wiping a table clean, they will probably enjoy the responsibility.  Let them have cleaning tools that fit their little hands.  Place them in a spot where they can access them.  Here are some handy items for your little helpers:

Child-sized brooms (long and short handle) and dustpan
Access to a garbage pail
Spray bottle with an all-natural/non-toxic cleaning solution
Small dusting cloths

And with the extra few minutes this will buy you, you can breathe for a moment!  Aaahhhhh....

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