Monday, April 12, 2010

Lessons at Home

At his Montessori school, my son has lessons with his teacher - one on one.  The lesson may be with the golden beads (a mathematics tool), or maybe it is learning the proper way to use and care for the gardening pruners, or perhaps it is how to sew a straight stitch on a piece of cloth.  It is a special time for him and his teacher.  
Recently, my son was home on a rainy day from school.  He had a touch of a cold - and not being sure how contagious he was, I kept him home.  Of course, by 10 am, he was bouncing off the walls! So, I thought, "let's do a lesson!"  And, I used that term, lesson, since he was very aware of its meaning.  He jumped at the thought of having a lesson with his mama.  How special!  That day, we did a 20 minute lesson on Earth Day.  I read to him from a book that had ideas for kids on how to be kinder to the Earth.  We learned why the Earth is in such trouble. We talked about what we could do.  He wrote down our plan.  And now we have put our plan into action.  
In a way, I hope this sets him up for the day when he actually has homework (he is only 6.)  By saying, "let's do a lesson," he knows he is really going to learn something interesting.  And, it is a peaceful time with just the two of us.

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