Tuesday, April 13, 2010

30 Things I Love About Jack

I follow a beautiful blog called Madeline Bea: Life Set to Words.

A recent post of hers talked about 30 things she loves about her child.  So, I am following suit. Here are the 30 things I love about my son, Jack:

1.  He says "I Love You" probably 20 times a day.
2.  I love that he sometimes calls me "mama"  instead of "mom" or "mommy."
3.  He is such an adventurer.  He has been hiking since he was 1 year old.  Kayaking since he was 2 years old.  He ziplined in Belize when he was 3 years old.  He loves exploring caves, Mayan ruins, and tropical rain forests just as much as we do.
4.  Even though he is a big boy ( 6 years old ), he still loves to cuddle with his mommy and daddy.
5.  When he finds something really funny, he has the best belly laugh!
6.  He is such a "boy" - digging up earthworms, making a snail farm, climbing trees are favorite past times.
7.  He loves being "catcher" at T-Ball, because the padding looks like a cool costume.
8.  He can't say the word to our favorite restaurant (Hacienda de Vega) correctly.  So, he will say, "Hey, mama, let's got to Haca-va-VEN-dah va-VE-ga" (with an Italian accent.)
9. He likes prosciutto and ceviche but can't stand mashed potatoes.  
10.  I love watching him sleep.
11.  I love that when he needs some peace and quiet, he will say "Mama, I need some peace" (and he will flash me the peace sign with his fingers.)
12.  I love that he loves to draw and make his own "books."  He can sit there for hours creating.
13.  I love that he is finally really interested in singing.  Last night we had a voice lesson (which he initiated) and he sang "Chim Chim Cheree" about a 1000 times.  He had so much fun.
14.  I love that he likes to make up his own yoga poses.
15.  I love that he likes to go on "dates" with his mama.  We may go to the museum, or a drumming class, or a movie - and he is such a little gentleman.
16.  I love it when he does interpretive dance on the living room floor or sometimes in public!
17.  I love that he is very spiritual - on his own accord - one day we passed a field and he said, "Look, mama, there's Keith (my uncle who passed away a couple of years ago).  See that yellow flower?  That's him!"
18.  I love that he falls asleep every time my husband reads "The Lorax" to him.  My husband will read in the most monotone voice, it lulls Jack to sleep in five minutes.  My husband has never finished the book, so he has no clue how it ends!
19.  I love how Jack loves his pets, Dizzy, Bartok, and Brownie, so much.
20.  I love that he has made my life complete!

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  1. What a beautiful list celebrating your beautiful boy!