Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day Pledge

Earth Fair 2010 was a blast!  We learned so much!  Jack became totally interested in gray wolves, because he was able to talk to a volunteer from the California Wolf Center.  (He has been researching these wolves, drawing pictures about them, and cuddling with his "baby" wolf ever since Sunday.)  My husband looked into an electric bicycle that he could ride to work.  By the gas he would save, that bike would pay for itself in less than 9 months!  I learned about grey water systems.  We bought a solar oven for $20.  I think I will try it in a few days, so I will keep you posted on how it works.  

Jack had a wonderful time in the children's activity section.  He made a robot out of random odds and ends you would have around the house (cups, straws, sticks, pipe cleaners, and, by all means, googly eyes!)  I got connected with an organic farmer who makes hydroponic systems for vegetables.  We will probably be installing one of these systems in Jack's Montessori school next year, so I soaked up as much info as I could.  I spoke with a wonderful man from war-torn Northern Uganda.   It was all I could not do to weep as he told me the "real" story of what is going on over there - what we as t.v.-watching Americans do not see.   Such an enlightening day. And I couldn't help but walk away with a few thoughts - which I am turning into a PLEDGE to the EARTH. 
Dear Earth, 
Over the years I have become more and more connected to you.  I have been to the rain forests and seen deforestation.  I have seen what non-organic farms do to the land, the wildlife, and the people.  I have seen animals caught in trash dumped into rivers.  I have made changes because of the things I see.  I shop for local, organic produce.  I have planted fruit trees and vegetables in my own yard.  I recycle. I consume less.  But I can continue to do more.   MUCH MUCH more.  Although my intentions are good, I have gotten a little lazy here and there - so here is my pledge to you as of Earth Day 2010:

1.  NO MORE plastic bags!  In the past couple of years, I have used the canvas bags (of which I probably have 20) only about 75% of the time.  My problem has been that I forget to put them back in the car after unloading the groceries.  Often times, I stop by the store when I am already out and about and I don't have any bags in the car.  So, here is my plan:  1:  put the darn bags back in the car after I unload groceries!  2:  As a back-up, I now carry a fold up bag in my purse.  It takes up hardly any room and I ALWAYS have a bag with me - no matter what.  Plastic bags----sayonara!
2.  NO MORE plastic bottles!  Now, I am pretty good about this already.  But, I have now made a point of carrying my own bottle (and my son's) wherever we go.  So, there will NEVER be a reason to purchase those plastic bottles.
3.  Drink tap water.  Since my son was born, I have had water delivered to the house.  So, I figure, that is 6 years x 6 bottles per month... so, we have had  over 400 bottles of water brought in, hauled in over the past 6 years.  That truck has probably come to our house 144 times!  What a waste.  Our tap is fine.  And, I can get a filter if I need to.  Bye-bye, water company.  (Hey, and we will save lots of money by cutting out this service! - Added bonus!)
4.  Use our laundry line when it is sunny outside.  (And we live in San Diego, so that is almost all of the time.)  O.K., so last year I bought the laundry line, but we have had such a rainy winter, that I have really gotten out of the habit of using it.  But, the sun is out, the days are beautiful - that dryer is going to get a break.
5.  Summer project - create a grey water system from out clothes washer and add rain barrels to our gutters.  I have wanted to do this for years - this is the year!!!!
Earth, thanks, for everything you provide for us.  Now, it is our turn to give back!



  1. Hi Courtney,
    Looks like you all had an inspiring day during earth fair. Wish we could experience something like that, wow!

    Neat to read that your are from my old stomping grounds, I graduated from Coronado H.S and hubs and I used to live in Fallbrook. (I miss it so)

    Now to your list, I am definitly with on #1...
    I always forget my bags at home.
    #3 Montana Glacier tap water is the best.
    #4 use the laundry line during summer, can't during winter.
    Need to work on #2 & #5

    Have a great day!

  2. Hey, small world - we are about 30 minutes from Fallbrook. I am relatively new to this whole blogging thing, and I really enjoy meeting other like-minded moms across the country. Thanks for commenting! Love your blog!